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We are a friendly association of people who enjoy bees and beekeeping (and honey!). We act as a self-help group and meet regularly throughout the year (see ‘Information’ on ‘Events’ page).

We are very keen to attract new members, especially those just starting out. If you are thinking of joining, click on ‘Contact Us’ to get further information.

Merioneth is not the easiest place to keep bees – it can be wet and windy which affects the bees’ ability to collect nectar and pollen. On the other hand, their general proximity to heather on the hills and mountains can produce some of the very best honey in late summer. The Association encourages the use of local bees, which tend to be darker and smaller than the bees inhabiting warmer parts of the UK. The benefit of using these bees is that they are hardier (and possibly more disease resistant) than their cousins and are more comfortable with our climate.

We use most of the more popular types of hives: National, WBC, Langstroth and Smith – the National being the most favoured. As with most beekeepers the merits of what type to use leads to some heated discussions!

On each ‘At Home’ in the warmer months of the year we meet to look at a member’s bees and hives in the bees own environment, and discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the keeper. This also allows for beginners to gain some hands-on experience. In 2013 we established a small apiary at Plas Tan y Bwlch, Maentwrog, the aims of which are to provide training to our members and promote beekeeping