Top Tips for July….

  • Add supers ahead of bees needs
  • Ensure entrances are not too big so robbing by other bees and wasps can be prevented
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need to extract honey
  • Monitor varroa to ensure that it’s not getting out of control. Main treatment is in August after removing the honey crop.

Top Tips for August….

  • Take off honey at early stage in the month
  • Ensure bees have sufficient provisions
  • Ensure the supers are clean and dry, and protected from wax moth
  • Apply varroa treatment as necessary.

Top Tips for September….

  • Check on how much honey is stored
  • Top up with syrup as necessary
  • Learn to tell how much stores there are in a hive by hefting
  • Remove queen excluder if supers removed and clean
  • Check varroa treatment has worked.