Beekeepers’ Associations in England and Wales have been asked to set up Asian Hornet Action Teams (AHAT) to work in partnership with the National Bee Unit (NBU) in combating the Asian Hornet. The MBKA team consists of our two Asian Hornet Coordinators (Pauline Aslin and Julia Aldridge) along with a number of volunteers from within the Association. The role of the AHAT is:

  • to raise awareness among the public and beekeepers
  • to advise on monitoring and trapping
  • to follow up suspected Asian Hornet sightings
  • to assist the NBU when there has been a confirmed sighting in our area.

Contact one of our Asian Hornet Coordinators by text, phone or Whatsapp:

Pauline Aslin 07407 860481
Julia Aldridge 0782 5003108

Or click on the link below and enter your postcode to find Asian Hornet Coordinators in your area.

Raising Awareness

The Yellow Legged Asian Hornet now poses a huge threat to Britain’s honeybees, other pollinators and the eco-system.

In 2022 there were just 2 confirmed sightings. In 2023 there were 72 Asian hornet nests found in 56 locations. What will 2024 bring?

The MBKA has a contingency plan to ensure that our Association members are kept up to date with developments. At this stage, the plan is to concentrate on spotting and dealing with any Asian Hornet incursions into our area. Members are asked to be super vigilant and spend time looking at the activity around their hives. We also need the general public to be aware and on the look out. Early detection of Asian Hornets is critical.

If you would like someone to come and give a short (10 minute) briefing to a group that would be interested, please get in touch.

If you are a member of MBKA and would be able to give a talk on Asian Hornet, we have an information pack we can give you.

Monitoring and Trapping

Anyone can monitor, just by knowing what to look out for and where to look. We can also help you to set up bait stations and show you how to monitor them. We hope to enlist the help of the general public as part of our raising awareness campaign.

Trapping is more controversial as we do not want to trap native species (bycatch). MBKA is currently trialling and closely monitoring a trap that has been modified to eliminate bycatch. We will be holding a workshop for members in the Summer to explain how to properly use and monitor these traps before distributing them among members of our Association in selected areas.

Suspected Asian Hornet Sightings

There are thousands of misidentifications in reports for Asian Hornet every year.  These reports are time consuming to follow up which is where the local AHAT can be of help. We will have a team of verifiers who can triage sightings, help to get a photograph and set up traps if necessary.

If you think you may have seen an Asian Hornet please contact one of our Asian Hornet coordinators.

Try to get a photograph.

Make a note of the location.

If you are certain it is an Asian Hornet and you have a good photograph or a dead specimen, you can report it direct to the Non Native Species Secretariat using the Asian Hornet Watch app or the online notification form and please inform one of our Asian Hornet coordinators too.

Contact one of our Asian Hornet Coordinators by text, phone or Whatsapp:

Pauline Aslin 07407 860481
Julia Aldridge 0782 5003108

Asian Hornet identification: Useful links:

This website has some very detailed photographs of both Asian and European hornets, and look-alikes.