Top Tips for April….

As soon as it’s warm enough (16ºC) start inspections of each of your hives and check:

  • Is the queen laying?
  • Is the hive building up?
  • Does the colony have enough space?
  • Is there enough food for the time being?
  • Are there any queen cells?
  • Are there any signs of disease?

If necessary take appropriate action.

Think about which swarm control method you are going to use.

Top Tips for May….

  • Carry out 7 day inspections looking for open queen cells with larvae and take swarm control measures
  • Make sure you have sufficient supers and add them before the bees need them
  • Make sure you have swarm collection equipment to hand and somewhere to put any swarms
  • Think about whether you are going to take a spring crop of honey.

Top Tips for June….

  • Remove spring honey from the hive if required
  • Watch for food shortages this month and feed as necessary. Remove supers if you do this to avoid sugar being stored in the frames
  • Continue to monitor hives for pending swarms and undertake control as necessary
  • Varroa can start to increase over the next couple of months so check that it’s not getting out of control. Main treatment is in August after removing the honey crop.