Spring feeding is not essential unless you suspect a hive is running low on stores of honey.

Only give small amounts, say a piece 75 x 75 x 5mm, and wait for this to be eaten before adding more. These thin pieces can be placed on top of the brood frames in a central position where they are accessible to the bees in cool weather. The thin slices should fit in a bee space or use a small eke.

Candy is preferable to sugar syrup in the spring to avoid introducing water and a high humidity into the hive. Candy however will absorb moisture. In wet/cold weather candy on a hive can become wet or very wet. This may even begin dripping which could kill a small cluster; hence only a small amount recommended.

Candy feeding is usually started in Feb/March as the bees begin to become more active and can be continued with small amounts until the warmer weather and flowers of late April/May.

An alternative to candy is fondant which can be bought from beekeeping suppliers.