If you would like more information about the Society you can send us an email.
Alternatively, you can call Pauline Aslin on 01341 250882 and have a chat with her.

If you want to join please see the ‘Membership’ page.

If you have seen a swarm but are not sure if they are honey bees please look at the WBKA swarms page.

A swarm of honey bees will hang for a few hours or even a day or two as a tight-knit cluster. If you see a swarm of honey bees hanging in this way check the swarm collectors map for a beekeeper near you who is willing to collect bees. However, we cannot collect bees that are flying around or that have made a nest inside a chimney or other part of a building.
If you have bees nesting in your building, rest assured that they do not harm the structure of the building, and although they can be a nuisance when they first arrive their activity will calm down after a few days and you will hardly notice them. For those few days keep windows shut near where they are flying and block up any tiny holes in covered chimney breasts to stop them coming into the house. If they move into a chimney that you use in the winter, you can light a small, smokey fire in the grate to persuade them to leave, but this will only work within a few hours of them moving in.
The link below shows the swarm collectors map for the UK. Enter any post code and select “Find nearest swarm collectors” and the map will show all swarm collectors within a 5 mile radius. You can zoom in or out from this point. There are “pins” showing the swarm collectors. If you click on a pin, it shows the name and phone number of the member involved.


President: Vacant
Chairman: Carys Edwards
Assistant Chair: Amie Hammond

Secretary: Chris Horton – email
Treasurer: George Kay
Assistant Treasurer: Caroline Parry
Apiary Manager: Dylan Huges
Show Secretary: Julia Aldridge
Training Officer: Paul Aslin

Non Trustee members of the management team:
Website: Mark Tiramani
Social Media and Event Refreshments: Debbie Da Rosa
Equipment: Pauline Aslin

Merioneth Beekeepers’ Association is affiliated to the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association.

Asian Hornet
Please click on the link below and enter your postcode to find the nearest Asian Hornet coordinator in your area: