Dear Beekeepers

In November we asked for informed members to volunteer to join a WBKA working party on Safeguarding requirements as they apply to Beekeeping Associations in Wales.  We had three or four responses but unfortunately, due to a computer problem their names and contact details have been lost. Below are the details of what the WBKA Management Team are looking for and how to volunteer.  Could you please circulate this reques,t along with our apologies to anyone that responded to the earlier email, to anyone in your Association involved with Safeguarding.

The Management Team are exploring what role, as an umbrella support organisation, the WBKA should and can play in assisting all Member Associations to understand how they can ensure that their activities take account of Safeguarding requirements. To help us achieve this we are asking for volunteers with knowledge and experience of Safeguarding requirements to join a short term working party which will meet virtually.  If any of your members are willing to join the working party or have information about Safeguarding as it pertains to beekeeping activities for not only children but vulnerable adults as well, please ask them to contact trustee David Grace at 

Cofion cynnes / Kind regards,


Jenny Shaw
Ysgrifennydd / General Secretary
Cymdeithas Gwenynwyr Cymru / Welsh Beekeepers’ Association

WBKA Safeguarding – working group